Free Donation Links

Each of these sites has a way to donate to a worthy cause with the click of your mouse.
They're all completely free, so don't hesitate to help out. I visit each of them every day.

    This is my favorite donation site. It has 18 causes all in one site, and you can contribute up to 5 times for each cause. It also keeps track of your contributions (and the contributions of those you refer) if you take a second to sign up. Signing up is really easy and well worth it, and I haven't gotten any junk mail. Please click the link above. has eight causes in one site, and unlimited donations for each cause (although I usually stop at five each). The site doesn't have any sign-up, but it keeps track of your total donations each day.

    This is another nice site that has a user sign-up. It provides users with e-mail and a homepage, and keeps track of your donations and the donations of those you refer to the site. Care2 also has a cute little incentive system- the more you donate, the more levels you gain. The only problem with this service is that it only has two causes and only accepts one click per cause per day. Nevertheless, I recommend this one. Please click the link above.

    This site is pretty popular, because it donates a lot of square footage of endangered land. There are six "projects," each in a different part of the world. Clicking all six projects saves a total of about 200 square feet of land. Also, if you register, your total donations are kept track of. You can only click once per project per day.

EGiving is a nice donation site that has four worthy causes. It provides free e-mail if you sign up, and will keep track of donation clicks for registered users. The causes provide food, clean water, education, and schoolbooks to people around the world. Unfortunately, you can only click on one cause per day (which is sort of stupid). Still, it's a nice stop on your daily donation track.

The Hunger Site, etc.

    Probably the most well-known donation site on the internet. It now has six causes total, accepting one click per cause per day. Each site is linked to the other five, so it's easy to visit all six each day. All six of them:

    The Hunger Site
    The Rainforest Site
    The Kids Aids Site
    The Child Survival Site
    The Breast Cancer Site
    The Landmine Site

   The Birth Site- a little-known seventh site that helps women deal with an unplanned pregnancy. Kept separate from the other six sites presumably due to controversy surrounding the unwed mothers it aids. Has nothing to do with abortion.

Animal Assist- click to "help improve the lives of companion animals and wildlife".

Clear Landmines- click to help clear a landmine-infested area.

Web ReLeaf- every 20 clicks plants a tree to restore forest ecosystems.

End Cancer Now- click to make a free donation for cancer research.

Save a Stray- every 250 clicks pays to spay or neuter a dog or cat, which prevents thousands of homeless animals.

Solve Poverty- help poor families break the cycle of poverty with jobs & education.

Environment Site- click to reduce global warming.

I Want Clean Air- click to prevent air pollution.

The Bible Site- donate a Bible to persecuted Christians around the world.